Army Men: Operation Green

Level   nome                               password    alternativa
2 Workin' 9 Til 5 5VKPR6*B K*67LZZM
3 With A Bucket, A Spade, And
Hand Grenade 5PK5LL*4 F58FWJ*N
4 Goin Downtown Y8DTF4HK 3MC9TS15
5 Down On The Farm 62BVXHXY 3SXRLWOJ
6 Baby, Light My Fire MQ5310VP Y0V7G6ZM
7 Here A Tan, There A Tan SZQR6W1J DLTYD4G7
8 The Rumble In The Jungle 44BQQCWH NJ98C3XD
9 The Donkey Ride F4J1ZRWG CG4PPSC6
10 Top Brass In Trouble FFOOWP36 5QFXBJJZ
11 Jungle Fever *HBNVVV4 52CN4BBH
12 Spider's Web 85M3QCF* *BR53WWF